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Cisco BGP path selection

  1. Prefer the path with the highest WEIGHT.  (Weight is a Cisco-proprietary attribute and is non-transitive)
  2. Prefer the path with the highest LOCAL_PREF.  (Default value is 100 and is non-transitive)
  3. Prefer the path that was locally originated via a network or aggregate BGP sub-command or through redistribution from an IGP.
  4. Prefer the path with the shortest AS_PATH.
  5. Prefer the path with the lowest origin type.
  6. Prefer the path with the lowest multi-exit discriminator (MED).
  7. Prefer eBGP over iBGP paths.
  8. Prefer the path with the lowest IGP metric to the BGP next hop.
  9. Determine if multiple paths require installation in the routing table for BGP Multipath.
  10. When both paths are external, prefer the path that was received first (the oldest one).
  11. Prefer the route that comes from the BGP router with the lowest router ID.
  12. If the originator or router ID is the same for multiple paths, prefer the path with the minimum cluster list length.
  13. Prefer the path that comes from the lowest neighbor address.

Comparing Cisco and Juniper administrative distance

Protocol Cisco Juniper
Connected / Direct 0 0
Static 1 5
EIGRP Summary 5
OSPF Internal 10
IS-IS Level 1 Internal 15
IS-IS Level 2 Internal 18
BGP External 20
EIGRP Internal 90
OSPF All 110
IS-IS All 115
RIP 120 100
OSPF External 150
IS-IS Level 1 External 160
IS-IS Level 2 External 165
EIGRP External 170
BGP All 170
BGP Internal 200