These companies allow weak, or weaker, passwords and should be ashamed of themselves

The following list of sites, which is far from incomplete, should be ashamed of themselves for bad security policies:

Justification: I realize that a 20-character password is far more secure than what 99.99999% of the population use on a daily basis. However, this is just plain lazy. To put it into perspective, altering an SQL database password column from 20 to 128 could be as simple as this:

ALTER TABLE users MODIFY password varchar(128);

This would allow any encrypted hash to be stored, without consideration of characters. A sane limit to the number of characters, in my opinion, is 128.

There’s an interesting post written on another blog that talks about password cracking. Estimating Password Cracking Times

** SPG allowed up to 64 char, but after the August 13th, 2018 program merger, those with stronger passwords were required to significantly downgrade their security

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