When to negotiate with telecom companies

It’s a simple thing, but often overlooked, and could save you thousands, or even tens of thousands, depending on your monthly spend. Here it is:


Like all publicly traded companies, revenue is king. Even if that revenue is sometimes at a break-even point, or occasionally at a loss. Revenue is important at month’s end. It’s even more important at the end of quarters. It’s down right critical before the fiscal year end. How a company closes out its year can mean ramifications for everyone in the company, including the CEO. Depending on how the year ends, he or she could be getting a bonus, or a pink slip.

There is no better time to begin negotiating your telecom contracts 30 to 45 days before the carrier’s fiscal year end. It’s OK to drag things out until the last moment. The longer you wait, the better the deal you will get.

Here’s a list I have started and will add to over time:

AT&T – December 31st
British Telecom – March 31st
GTT – December 31st
Level3 – December 31st
Sprint – March 31st
Telecom Italia – December 31st
TeliaSonera – December 31st
Verizon – December 31st
Zayo – June 30th

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